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Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes - Review & Coupon

1/8/11 UPDATE:  This coupon code has just been extended through March 1, 2012!

There are also some special, seasonal six packs currently available - see bottom for details.

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If you've heard of them already, you are probably just excited to get your hands on that coupon code...

Have you been stumped trying to think of a gift for your grown parents?  Something that would be an out-of-the-ordinary delight, which they would both equally enjoy?  Well I think you may have just found it!

Delicious, mini cheesecakes baked right into a 4 oz. jar, made with high quality ingredients and available in 20 gourmet flavors!  You can order them online in 6 packs, or cases of 12 or 24, and they will ship them frozen right to your door, via FedEx. Pick your favorite flavors, or mix-n-match. More than a pound of decadent cheesecake in every six-pack.

I recently got to tour the kitchen, here in Colorado, where these delicacies are carefully crafted.  Lee, owner and master chef behind "Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes" was there himself, ensuring perfection in each hand poured jar.  

Now I'm gonna tell you straight out, my thought before sampling these cheesecakes was, "These little suckers better be good, because they're not cheap!"  And holy cow!  They did NOT disappoint!!  They are "take your breath away, don't talk to me right now I'm savoring this food moment" kinda good.  I'm a dessert girl, all the way.  And this is the best cheesecake I've ever tasted.  I will warn you, however - each jar is an individual portion, just 4 oz.

These would make a fantastic "make someone feel very special" kind of gift.  Or just treat yourself!  And the coupon discount makes it a perfect time to try them out.

So what flavors should you pick?  There are both what you would call traditionally sweet dessert cheesecakes, as well as a 'Savory' line of (non-sweet) appetizer cheesecakes to be used as spreads.  Here are the ones I sampled, and my take on each, if it helps you narrow down that tough choice of 20 to choose from:

Dessert Cheesecakes:

  • German Chocolate - The original, and still, all time Best Seller
  • Chocolate Decadence - Oh, my.  Very rich & my personal favorite!
  • Tiramisu (shown above) - Delicious, with just a hint of coffee
  • Outer Banks - Peanut Butter & Chocolate, not overly sweet.  Popular, and Chef Lee's favorite (but I liked the Chocolate Decadence more...) 

Savory Spreads:

  • Chorizo and Black Bean - With a dash of pesto on top, very tasty.
  • El Diablo (shown above) - The red label puts you on notice:  This one's got a kick!
Special Seasonal Six Packs - Now Available

The Dessert-Style has a German Chocolate, Chocolate Decadence, Outer Banks, Blackberry/Cabernet, Blueberry/Merlot and a Chocolate Chai.

The 'Before & After' has two of our Savory Appetizer Cheesecakes; The Sun-Dried Tomato and the Smoked Salmon, along with four of our dessert-style cheesecakes, a German Chocolate, Outer Banks, Chocolate Decadence and a Blackberry/Cabernet.

And the Chocolate Decadence Six-Pack.

Orders & Coupon Code

For "the Colorado Mountain Mom" readers only, use this coupon code to receive 15% off a gift Six-Pack:  colomtnmom

Offer expires March 1, 2011.

I received some free sample product samples from "Decadent Gourmet Cheesecakes" to review, but the opinions are my own.

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