Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sledding - Good Old Fashioned Fun

In an age where technology has taken over the entertainment of our children - I think it's neat that sledding is still considered universally by kids as a very fun thing to do.  School called off by a "Snow Day"?  The nearest sledding hill will likely be packed.

It had been several years since I went sledding.  You know, you kinda go through that Sledding Gap in life.  Those years that fall between being a busy teenager who is now too cool to sled, and having your own children that you want to take out for the experience.  I will say this much:  either sledding got scarier and more painful since I was a kid ... or I'm way more of a wuss, and my body's shocks aren't nearly what they used to be.   Nevertheless, it was still very fun - and none of the parents missed out on the action, we all took our turns!

Even the dog was concerned that I needed some form of assistance.
The other thing I appreciate about sledding is the affordability factor.  We have nearby access to arguably some of the world's best ski resorts - but skiing is definitely something that will set a family back a good chunk of change.  Between the equipment and the lift tickets, it is not a financially obtainable pasttime for everyone.  

Not so with the alternative winter sport of sledding!  Get yourself a $9.99 curved sheet of plastic from the closest hardware store, and you're all set for a good two, possibly three winter's worth of outdoor sporting entertainment.

So how young is too young to sled?  Well, check out this little 5 month old dude.  They do make toddler sleds with back support, sides, and a seat belt.  So if they're bundled and buckled ... I say go for it!

He just got towed around - we didn't let him take the hill plunge on his first day out.
Mom - are you sure you know how to drive this thing?

So I encourage you on the next occasion when the white fluffy stuff is dumping down to give sledding a try.  No one will have fun if they are too wet or cold, and layers are key - so make sure everyone's got long underwear, hats, gloves, and scarves on.  Fill the thermos with hot cocoa.  And get your kids out there with their friends to make some fun sledding memories!

My daughter (center) made some great memories with her friends & family that day!


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  2. I do the 'old fashion' fun at my house when the grand kids come over. Walk on tin cans for stilts, climb trees ect. I love technology but I believe kids need to be well rounded in the simple joys as well. Thank so much for your recent visit. I was already following you on FB ect so I added you to my G+ circle. Have a wonderful holiday season.



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