I am Tami - Application Developer by day, and Family Nurturer by night.   Outside enjoying the wilderness is pretty much my favorite place to be (well, that and Disney World).

I love baking, sewing and scrap booking with my 6 year old daughter.  I enjoy creating a comfortable and happy home for my husband.  I soak in every moment of watching my 1 year old son develop into the funny, fantastic little guy that he is.  And if I get a moment to myself here or there ... usually I just collapse in bed with a good book!

We are a family of 6, if you count Chloe the Cat and Daisy the Dog, which we do.  Together, we love enjoying nature and visiting Disney World every chance we get.

As mentioned, my all time favorite way to spend my time is engaging in outdoor recreation with my family.  Hiking, camping, boating, golfing, biking - if it's outside, I like to play it!

I can be quite the little Suzy Homemaker, as time permits, with a dash of geeky computer programmer on the side.  As such, I'm interested in anything related to information technology, baking, quick dinner ideas, decorating, healthy living, cleaning tips, sewing, exercise, and scavenging for bargains.   

I look for good quality items that will last, and am willing to pay more for them if discernment tells me it's worth the investment.  (Sorry, honey - but you're getting the ugly black snow pants, not the hot pink with sparkly snowflake ones.  I don't think your brother would appreciate sporting that kinda bling when he's 5.)

I have an inadvisable penchant for making decadent desserts.  

As a mom of two, with a 5 1/2 year spread in between, we fall into two categories when it comes to toys and activities around our house:  toddlerhood and grade school.  I'm always looking for fun, educational, non-violent entertainment and game ideas for them.  I struggle with trying to keep "the teenage influence" away from my 6 year old daughter, in an effort to maintain her acting her age, as long as possible.  And that, my friends, is a daily battle.

My entire family enjoys music and watching movies - one or the other is typically playing in the background, around our house.

My biggest wish would be to enjoy more travel, but as financial reality proves a hindrance I am always on the lookout for affordable options there, as well.  

I love to read fiction, usually mysteries, and  maybe a biography or two.  As long as it's not about some boring person.

And I obviously adore anything related to Disney.

Guest Contributing

I am a guest contributor at My Town Tutors.

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