Thursday, November 3, 2011

Don’t Forget the Backup … Bringing Grandparents Along to Disney – Part I

This idea was not original to me, I’ll just lay that out on the table right away.  My daughter was 3, I was at a lunch with some fellow stay at home moms, and one of them was talking about their recent trip to Disney World.  Thinking back, this very likely started that first seed.  Not the seed to “bring grandparents along with you to Disney” … the seed to even GO to Disney!  That seed which rapidly grew inside me to become the, I’ll admit it, obsession of vacationing at Disney which I now have today.

My dad, having waaay too much fun - making new friends in the Magic Kingdom.
She had 4 kids.  I only had 1.  “Yes, it was fun … but I’ll tell ya this much.  Don’t forget the backup.”  Backup?  “Bring at least one set of grandparents with you.  You won’t believe what a difference it makes.” 

Granted, this came from a woman with four children.  An exercise in parenting chaos that the likes of me can’t even comprehend.  Side note:  you people out there with three or more kids – my hat’s off to you!  You are crazy.  Bless your little hearts.  But I digress…

“Hmmm …” I think to myself.  “A Disney World trip, now that I have a child to bring along, and introduce the magic to...”  I like it.  Growing up, my parents had taken me twice on that pilgrimage.  As a grown up, this had left me with a general warm, fuzzy feeling inside at the memory. 

Fast forward a few weeks, the economy tanks, and Disney runs an amazing special offer:  Buy 4, Get 3 Free.  Coincidentally, my parent’s 40th Anniversary was coming up.  Now you know, when the planets align so perfectly like that – you don’t really even have much say in the matter!  You have to go. 

So I make the call to my mom.  I thought it may be a tough sell, since my dad’s retirement account had taken a corresponding hit, and they were now looking at him having to work much longer than expected. 

I decide to ease in gracefully.  “I know you guys are kinda broke right now, but would you be able to meet us at Disney World for a week?”  After she got done giggling for 5 minutes straight (Did she think I was kidding?), the seed started to be planted in her, too.

My mom & daughter, hanging out in EPCOT's Norway, waiting for the Akurshus Princess lunch.

They met us.  First let me say, we’ve all traveled a fair amount, and lived in various parts of the country throughout the years.  In other words, we do “get out”.  But get a load of this - it was the best trip of every one of our lives!

 Granted, it can be challenging sometimes to be around your parents (what IS that, anyways?!).   But it was perfect.  In every way.  Plop an extended family into the Happiest Place On Earth, and what do you expect, right? 

But seriously, that is the first plus:  if you’ve had thoughts of taking a trip together, but were hesitant at the possible tension level that may occur at times during the vacation – give visiting the Mouse together a try. 

For such a vacation to be a success, you’d need a variety of things to experience, so that everyone had something they could enjoy.  Check.  And you’d need a happy, laid-back atmosphere so that no one took it too seriously whether the group headed to Tomorrowland first or Adventureland first.  Check.  That’s what the whole Walt Disney World Resort fosters … it’s a big, fat No Worries Fun Fest!

So how did it all shake down …?

*o*     *o*     *o*

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  1. I'm one of those crazy people with 3 kids. Bringing the grandparents to WDW is a great way to travel. What grandparent doesn't want to see the expression of wonder on their grandchild's face when meeting Mickey or their favorite character. Plus, built in babysitters mean that you can enjoy a night (or two) to yourself.

  2. dgcampagna - Thanks for the comment! I didn't include that, but you hit it on the head: it's an incredible opportunity for grandparents to have such a Magical Experience with their grandchild. :) I think my parents sensed this going in, but didn't realize quite how priceless it would be until we were there making memories. Can't wait to do it again.

  3. OhForGoodnessSakes. I'm not "Anonymous", I'm just "Clueless" ;-)




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