Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Muppets Drop In To SNL

If you are of the Muppets Generation, as am I, you are likely planning on catching the premiere of the new "Muppet Movie" this weekend.  Did you know that the list of Jason Segal's talents (as described on Wikipedia) include "puppeteer"?  I had no idea this actor was so multi-faceted.  I also read that he has co-written and helped produced the upcoming Disney released film, and played a large role in pushing to even have it made.  Go Jason!  I think I'm a new fan.  Cause let's face it people:  Anyone who loves the Muppets, is a good person to love.

This was way past my bedtime (it's life in the parenting fast lane around our household), but here are a couple of highlights from Jason's stint hosting NBC's Saturday Night Live last weekend. 

A little help with the opening monolog. 

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And later Kermit helped out Seth Meyers for Meyer's "Really?" segment on Weekend Update

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 Good Childhood Muppet Memories

Our LP record of the original "Muppet Movie" soundtrack from 1979 was probably the first record I owned.  Funny how our brains work, when I can not remember what I ate for lunch yesterday ... but if any one of the tunes from this vintage soundtrack fire up, I will be able to sing along word for word!  Warning to you.  Thank goodness those brain synapses are still intact.  You never know when you may need those kind of mad skillz.

The Muppets certainly had a good run during the 1970's & 80's, didn't they?  For my parents, Saturday night meant a Date Night out away from the kids.  For me and my brother, it meant the smell of Old Spice in the air, Spaghetti-O's heating in a pot on the stove, and eagerly anticipating the watching of a new episode of the Muppet Show later that evening on TV.  You can't ask for much more for than that outta life, in the world of a ten year old kid.  (Well, you maybe could NOW ... but you really couldn't back THEN ...)

Alas, then there was the ill fated costume party.  I don't think anyone would own up to being the originator of the idea at this point in our lives, but my brother and I ended up going as Kermit and Miss Piggy.  Which, in hindsight, wasn't altogether flattering to either one of us.  This is one of those episodes from our childhood where my meek younger brother was silent at the time, yet now later as a bolder, secure adult confesses that he was traumatized by it.  (Yes, "one" of those episodes.  Sadly, there are others, and they often involve his bossy older sister.  Ahem.)   His two closest, fellow 8 year old buddies are dressed as a football player and Superman - and he shows up in green tights.  With a pointy, green felt collar.  The outfit my mom and I thought was so clever, and were so proud of concocting on his behalf.  So on the tail of my Ode To the Muppets, I'd like to offer an official apology to my little brother.  He took one for the Muppet Home Team.  Bless his little Kermy heart!

It almost goes without saying that I'm so glad Disney acquired the Muppets, and are assuring that they stick around for my kids to grow up with and enjoy, too.

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