Friday, March 2, 2012

1st Grader's Perspective: Spotting Wildlife

We recently got to spend the weekend at Rocky Mountain National Park.  You can often get good deals on condo rentals in the winter there, since not having a ski area nearby makes it their off season.  (If you haven't hot tubbed outside, in the snow, you are missing out - make sure you book one with a hot tub!)  This is a majestic and beautiful area, and my favorite part is getting to see lots of elk.

I love when its snowing, and it just builds up on their back.

Spotting wildlife is one of my favorite part of being in the wilderness.  Elk are so prevalent in this area, that you often see them strolling around the nearby town of Estes Park.  Here are the best shots of the closest ones we saw, sitting right nearby the road.

In the words on my dad, these are "about as big as they get"!

Some of the roads are closed in Rocky Mountain National Park during the winter.  But we were able to make our way to frozen Bear Lake, just as the winds and snow were picking up, for a blustery adventure and short hike.

Watch yourself
Any elk over there?

Me and my baby boy on Bear Lake
Brrrr... bundle up!  Had to steal momma's scarf.
Why is the plowed snow pile in the parking lot always the biggest draw for a kid ?
My Little Wilderness Princess

But an  even rarer treat on this particular trip, was spotting some moose along the road, on our initial trip in to Estes Park.  There were three of them, and they were right by the road.  We stopped mid-highway (us and three other cars) to gawk out the window for awhile.

I'm not sure why it's so exciting.  Probably because they are general so private, and spotting them is not nearly as common as seeing elk or deer.  They are such curious creatures ... so tall and gangly yet graceful, amazing antlers, and such a goofy nose! 

I tried to remember the last time I'd seen one.  "It's been alot of years since I've seen a moose!", I declare breathlessly. To which my daughter, equally impressed with the sight, replied "It's been my whole LIFE!"

A six year lifetime of waiting to see a moose in it's nature habitat.  Worth the wait.

*o*     *o*     *o*

The National Parks occasionally have weekends with free admittance.  Click the link to check the next free dates, and tips on planning a fun visit!


  1. Love the pictures sis! You are creating such beautiful memories with the kids. I can't believe how the kids are growing..looks like they really had a great time! Love you all!! ♥

  2. Following you from Our Lovely Life! Love your blog and LOVE Colorado!

  3. What great photos. I have never been to to that part of the world. But we do get deer and coyote in our suburban back yard :-) Though I am most envious of the snow. We have had the mildest winter - only 2 nights were it even went below freezing!

  4. Great pics, Tami! Wow - moose near Estes Park. That's pretty surprising since they usually stay on the other side of the divide by Grand Lake. My mom is a "moose person" so I'll have to let her know you saw them. Was it on Hwy 34 going into Estes?

    By the way - just saw your countdown pic for the Med cruise. I'm guessing that means you booked? Yay!! :)

  5. Those beautiful photos! Looks like you guys are having a blast!! I love snow too, wish I could see more of it... but we can only see it occasionally if we visit family up north...

  6. DisFanInCO ... yes! Hwy 34 is exactly where we were. And yes, we reserved the Med cruise - SO EXCITED! Not 100% sure that's what we'll do, but I'm thrilled to have a spot being held, just in case :)



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