Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toddler Talk: Crazy Climber

Welcome to Toddler Talk!

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I decided to link up this week and post about what is currently the most relevant topic (and challenge) in our household featuring a toddler:  Climbing!  On absolutely everything!

Does anyone want me to fire up the fireplace?  Melt some toys, perhaps?

Forget the toys.  All he wants to do in life is gain some elevation ... any way he can find!

And it wouldn't be so daunting, if he weren't so good at it.  But he is good at it.  Really good.

He has figured out how to get a good grapple hold on something, and then leverage that little upper body weight to heft his scrawny lower self on up.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
I can't express how hard it is to keep up with this kid.  His older sister never shared this uncontrollable urge.  So perhaps it's a guy thing?

Sometimes a kid just needs to grab himself an apple from the fruit bowl.

The ability to climb up on the kitchen table, and even worse the kitchen counter via the barstools, is a particularly disturbing development.

I recently discovered my coworker (who doesn't look a day over 30) has eight - count 'em, EIGHT - children at home!  I immediately pictured my Wild Man Climber at home, which takes the constant vigilance of both my husband and I to keep relatively safe.  And my first question was, "How do you keep them all alive?!"

So we'll ride this wave of toddlerhood where it takes us.  I can't help but wonder what comes next?


  1. ooo, my toddler is a climber too! My 2nd child introduced climbing to my first, but my 3rd has scared me WAY more than my 2nd ever did. It's insane where I can find her some days.

    1. Well, there went my theory it's boy-thing! ;-)

      And I totally hear you on "scared me" and "insane" ... these kids, I tell ya!

      Thanks for your comment & stopping by!

  2. definitely a boy thing - mines CRAZY.. scares the life out of me! silly boys.

  3. So glad you linked up! ;-)

    Hayden likes to climb but only so he can jump! So exhausting - I couldn't handle 8!

  4. Thanks for linking up!! You certainly have a little climber on your hands! Such a handsome little boy too! Love your question to your co-worker! How do you keep them all alive!! LOL!!

  5. C's a climber. He loves Peter Pan and now says I can fly and will jump. OUCH!



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