Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Quest for a Sweet Mom-mobile Ride

Do you drive a cool Mom-mobile? Do you even care?

For a good run there, I did really care what I drove.  I'd say late teens through my 20's, or so.   (Simply meaning I liked my car, and had other cars I really liked and thought I'd feel cool driving.)  And I knew all kinds of makes and models ... could identify vehicles quickly, including model year, with just a glance at their body shape, tail or head lights. 

Funny how once you become a parent, and have a million and one responsibilities and activities raging through your average day - you kind of forget to care about such a thing.  At least that's how I've been for a good few years now.

Until my husband parked one of these bad boys in my garage yesterday.  He does mobile detailing, and this particular client dropped his vehicle off at our home to get it serviced.

The Toyota 4 Runner:  It's breathtaking... is it not? 
(Photo copyrighted by Toyota)

My dream vehicle.  It has been for years.  And years.  I can't really explain to you why.  But it makes me stop in my tracks every time.  And my little heart skips a beat.  I'm not exaggerating here, people.

Thanks alot, Mister.  Got my car envy ALL fired up.  (With no place to go... since I enjoy having a home to live in, and food to eat, too much.  Ok, and my Disney trips.)

And then there's the mini-van debate.  Have you taken that plunge?

I swore I never would, and we still haven't (yet).  But I did have to just shake my head in mild self mockery lately, when after riding in a friends extremely comfortable and functional mini-van I heard myself say to my husband, "You know, those mini vans really ARE quite nice."  Good Lord.  Did I just say that out loud?

How about you?  Does the thrill of driving a sweet ride, windows down, kids car seats securely fastened in back and childrens sing-along tunes blared (you see why the wind has been taken from our sails, don't you?), still run deep through your veins?

Do you drive (or have a dream of) a sweet Mom-mobile ride? 

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  1. LOL! Oh yes, I still very much care what I drive, and I blame it all on my husband :) I was much less of a car person before I met him, but now I find myself with car envy, and it's not the minivans I'm looking at :) We have never been minivan people and since we're done having kids now that we have the two, I don't think we ever will be!

    And the even better news is that both my kids love to ride with the windows down and the music blaring, so I still get to indulge occasionally, although I have gotten a few strange looks when I roll up to the stoplight and there's Disney Princess music blaring from the speakers :)

  2. When we were pregnant with our first, I needed a new car. But I was sooo not going to be a part of the minivan cavalcade. And then we had a second one. And then they wanted to have friends over from pre-school. And we went on trips. And the minivan just became a necessity. Now that I've had 2 and my girls are teens/tweens - I love my van. I love all the room that it gives us. I love that I can do carpool in the morning and listen to 5 teens chatting with each other so I can keep a pulse on what's going on. And trips are a dream. We have a dvd player with wireless headphones - everyone is happy.

    (I have a Toyota Sienna - so I get your 4 Runner envy - and my husband even drives a Rav 4 :-) )

  3. When I had kids, I swore I was never going to ever drive a mini-van. It was too stereotypical. I drove a rental minivan and felt like there was no space between me and the car in front of me. I've had my Pilot for years and love it! =) Good luck with your ride!

  4. I also swore that I would never drive a mini-van when I was younger. I currently have a Buick Rendevous which is big enough for us. If I was completely honest though I would'nt mind a mini-van! Funny how things change ;)
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