Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby's New Favorite Shoes: Tip Toey Joeys

It took him only 18 months to reach this momentous point in life.  Whether it's a budding sense of style, or just purely a comfort and functionality preference (most likely the latter) we'll never know.  But my son has definitively decided that his Tip Toey Joeys are his new favorite shoes.

He tested them out ... they're all terrain approved!

The Need

Don't you just love soft shoes for babies and toddlers?  With both of my little ones, I had a strong aversion to dressing them in anything that wasn't soft and comfortable - in clothing or shoes.  Their skin is so soft and sensitive, and their rapidly growing bodies and bones so tender at that age.

I have this fear of stuffing their little feet in a pair of shoes that are stiff, or don't really fit right, that actually end up hurting them or hindering their walking development.  They can't exactly tell you, "Mom, these pinch a bit".  So I love when a shoe is so soft and flexible!

The Design

My son recently got to try out a pair of Tip Toey Joey "Urby Sneakers" from Friendly Rooster.  I loved them right away.  Buttery soft, yet durable leather with gripping pads on the soles.  That perfect in-between shoe when they are learning to walk but their world is still a little unstable.

They have this unique stretch heel which is a fantastic design.  You don't notice it when the shoe is on, but it allows for an easy slide on, yet a secure fit.  

He is so wild and wiggly, I had gotten to the point where "easy to get on" was my main criteria for shoes.  The only problem was, his foot is curved along the outside edge, and I've found that shoes which are easy to slide on are also quick to fall off!

Not so with the Tip Toey Joey design. 

Good for relaxing in  your high chair ... kickin' back with a snack.

The Result 

They definitely stay on, which I loved.  Not having to worry about losing a shoe in the grocery store, without your even realizing it ~ what a lovely change of pace!

And the funniest part was ... he WANTED them to stay on!  He wore them all day and night, even inside the house.  When it was pajama time and I took off his Urby Sneakers - he threw a fit!  Isn't that crazy?

... on a leisurely stroller ride

Perhaps it was a fluke?  But then the next day in his room, he started getting all worked up about something.  You know how it's frustrating for them at this age, because they can't really talk yet and tell you what they want?  

I finally realized what his trauma was... he wanted me to put his new shoes back on!  I have never seen him react that way to any clothing or shoes before.  I guess he gives them two thumbs up.

Now let's test them out on a bumpy path...

And just one comment about the style.  I loved dressing my baby girl, and still complain at times that I miss all the charming styles they make for girls, without much comparable to get excited about in the boys section.  But once in awhile I do run across something for little boys that I find simply adorable - these shoes fell into that category.  So fun to dress him in!

The Background

Tip Toey Joey shoes are based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and have taken off in South America, Australia, and Europe.  

I'm so happy in my new shoes - I can't help but dance!

They became a favorite of the Friendly Rooster owner during her time spent as a former buyer for Babystyle.  "The brand TTJ was consistently one of our top 3 brands" she recalls.  "Shoe fit and function are so crucial to children's foot development while they are learning to walk."

So Where Can You Get Some?

Currently, Friendly Rooster is fortunate to be the main supplier of the Tip Toey Joey shoes in the US.  They have many other high quality fun shoes in a great range of styles and colors on their website.  Check them out and find a unique style you and your child will both love!

Great news!  My readers can use the coupon code “20COMOM” (stands for Colorado Mom – must by in all caps), on  It is good towards 20% off your entire purchase, and valid through March 31, 2012.

*o*     *o*     *o*

I received a sample pair of Tip Toey Joeys to review, at no cost from Friendly Rooster.  But the opinions are honest and my own.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. How cute for little boys! And what little boy wants to keep his shoes and socks on? They must feel as good as they look. Good Find, Mom!

  2. Well, at least your baby knows how to pick and what to consider! That’s something to be proud of, right? ;D Comfort should always come first. And don’t we all have that one flattering pair of pants that we’d always want to wear after it gets washed? I think the same goes with shoes. We can never have too much of a pair of comfortable shoes.



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