Friday, March 9, 2012

One More Disney Day - Vicarious Recap

This year's Disney promotion was "One More Disney Day".  In addition to a sweepstakes, and on property room deals this Spring - Disneyland (in California) and the Magic Kingdom (in Florida) were open for a full 24 hours on Leap Day!

Being a few states away, I did not get to participate in this exciting event.  I "watched" from afar online, as many of the hard core Disney fans who started super early (in line at 4 a.m.) through til the very end (park closure at 6 a.m. the next day) were tweeting and posting pictures and tidbits online throughout their marathon of fun.

My online buddy Theresa was there, and put together this fantastic video montage of footage from her adventure.  Watch it for a mini-whirlwind tour!  Rides, fireworks, parade dances and all.  You can't NOT smile through the whole thing ...

And for a great article and pictures on the event - here was my favorite live-postings blog that I watched throughout that day:

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