Sunday, January 8, 2012

14,000 Things To Be Happy About - Favorites List #2

  • happy feelings emanating from the kitchen
  • cotton velour terry wrap robes
  • sauntering
  • getting carried away
  • dinner with laughter
  • snorkeling
  • window spray de-icer
  • knowing there will be many surprises in the future
  • wall storage systems
  • cloudy days and sunny thoughts
  • food gifts
  • personality profiles
  •  strawberry-peach pie
  • working on a project
  • the first week of school
  • moss-laden terra-cotta pots of geraniums
  • watching others play
  • after-shower cologne
  • true, lasting values
  • spun glass
  • a new canvas
  • an Italian coffee press
  • an apothecary jar with multicolor, different-shaped shells
  • braking for rainbows
  • feeling heady with optimism and warmth
  • kicking off your shoes and splashing your feet in a fountain
  • pie wedges
  • encouraging your children to be creative
  • the best information
  • the cool underside of a pillow
  • tiger-stripe cats
  • seeing happy parents

*o*     *o*     *o*

Excerpt from one of my favorite books, by Barbara Ann Kipfer


  1. i would love to see you drinking from an italian coffee press. ooo la la! its french ok, but whatever.



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