Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finding Nemo in 3D

My family's favorite "Finding Nemo" scene to quote from:

"One of my tentacles is longer than the others..."
"I'm H2O intolerant."

FINDING NEMO returns to theatres for the first time in 3D September 14th, 2012!

This colorful classic is an all time favorite of so many.  Finding Nemo won the 2003 Academy Award® for Best Animated Feature, and at the time of its release was the highest grossing G-rated movie of all time.    Ellen DeGeneres won an MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance.  Dory quickly has you laughing out loud, stealing your heart in the process.

Going to this movie for the surfer dude sea turtles is almost reason enough!   Here's a chance to enjoy the hilarious and delightfully memorable characters on the big screen once again ... and this time in exciting Disney Digital 3D™.

 And to whet your appetite for this film event, a movie clip just released today.

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